12oz Smooth Alum Hamrite Spray
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12oz Smooth Alum Hamrite Spray

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paint is a self-priming, fast dry, rust preventive coating designed to provide both interior and exterior long-last metal protection. It provides a decorative finish that resists corrosion and the weather. Hammerite Rust Cap paint dries to the touch in 30 minutes. Recoats should be applied within 4 hours, before curing begins. This versatile paint can be used for a variety of applications-from covering rust to painting lawn furniture, crafts, metal wagons and more. It's terrific on iron, steel and most metal surfaces. Glassguard protection-as the coating dries, millions of heat-hardened glass flakes interlock with special resins, forming a super-tough barrier that seals out moisture to prevent rusting. Paint right over rust. It is a long-lasting coating that can be applied directly over firm, rusty surfaces. With Hammerite's unique paint-right-over-the-rust capability, you achieve a smooth, deep finish, rich in color. It's terrific on iron, steel and most metal surfaces. It provides a high gloss finish.

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